The Secret Of NIMH Posters by Tom Whalen!

The Secret Of NIMH was released in 1982 and immediately made an impact with it's animation style, complex premise, and it's dark undertones. This was the first full length feature movie to be directed by Don Bluth, and the film is recognized as an animated classic today!

Don Bluth and a group of prominent animators left Disney in order to start their own animation studio at MGM. NIMH played a role in this decision. The late Roger Ebert provided the following details:

"Their complaint was that Disney was cutting corners on painstaking traditional animating methods. Their vow was to make a non-Disney movie in the old Disney tradition. The main difference between traditional Disney animation and cheaper, newer methods is in the areas of body movements and backgrounds. Bluth and his followers wanted to make a movie in which the characters would have lots of body language (not just moving lips and rolling eyes), and in which the backgrounds would be detailed and interesting, not just repetitive roll-bys. In “The Secret of Nimh”, they have succeeded in reproducing the marvelous detail and depth of the Disney classics."

We are thrilled to collaborate with Tom Whalen to create brand new, officially licensed posters for The Secret Of NIMH! The regular and variant versions of the poster feature different art, with the regular showing Nicodemus and the variant showing The Great Owl!

Poster Editions:

Regular (Purple) - 24x36 Screen print, Run of 150, $65

Variant (Teal/Green) - 24x36 Screen print, Run of 100, $85

Night Variants - printed on Sirio Ultra Black paper!

Regular design - 24x36 Screen print, Run of 45, $95

Variant design - 24x36 Screen print, Run of 45, $95

The posters will be available to purchase this Wednesday, March 30th at 12PM EST HERE!


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