35th Anniversary Robocop Posters by Saniose!

 Regular poster pictured above

We are thrilled to celebrate Robocop's 35th Anniversay with new licensed posters by the talented Spanish artist Saniose! Robocop is a classic science fiction movie that is still loved as much today as it was in 1987!

Saniose's fresh take on the movie has resulted in a unique Robocop poster that fans of the movie are sure to enjoy!

The artist had the follwoing to say about the project:

"I can't explain how I felt when I was approached to do a Robocop Poster with my friends at Mad Duck Posters and MGM. Robocop was always one of my favorite movies! It was a huge responsibility and it also meant doing something that some of my favorite artists had already done so amazingly before.

Did it make sense to try? Did a ROBOCOP by Saniose make sense?

I know that I am unconscious, since I simply immersed myself in the challenge... Many months have passed, and the time to reveal it  has come, I only hope that I have been respectful of this great movie and that fans can find the enormous love I have for Robocop into my artwork.

I want to thank Ruiz Burgos, for allowing me to be inspired by his Robocop Poster (Poster that I love unconditionally), my entire Spainter family for being my brothers and sister at all times, Brad for believing in me and of course to my beloved Laura and my parents and sisters for trusting me so much and giving me life, MY LIFE. THANK YOU!!! Without you I am nothing...

and now... Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening"

The poster is available in three versions:

Regular Edition, 24x36 screen print on metallic paper, Run of 200, $65

Battle Damage Variant, 24x36 screen print on metallic paper, Run of 150, $85

Armored Variant, 24x36 screen print on Brushed Silver Foil, Run of 87, $125

The posters go on sale on Cinco De Mayo, Thursday, May 5th at 12PM ET HERE!

Battle Damage Variant

Armored Foil Variant

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