Project Status

What's going on with the printing of Poster X?

Screen printing posters is a labor intensive process, and there are many variables that can impact a project's printing duration and overall schedule. Some variables include print file preparation, screen preparations, the actual printing process, other project delays unrelated to Mad Duck projects that cause timelines to shift. 

We will always do our best to list the current print time estimate when we sell a new poster product. However, due to the aforementioned variables and others, printing times can and will change and are best estimates only. In order to better communicate printing status in an easy format, we have set up this project status page. We will update the page approximately once per week or whenever we have new information!

Here is the current project printing schedule.  Last Updated: 07-06-20


Project Artist Status/Notes
The Silence Of The Lambs Laurent Durieux Printed. In Transit
The Call Of Cthulhu Godmachine 3 weeks*
The House On Haunted Hill Aaron Lea Printing This Week
Black Sabbath Richard Hilliard Printed. In Hand.
Killer Klowns Drom Outer Space Rhys Cooper 3 weeks*
*Please note that projects have been delayed due to mandatory Covid shutdowns.  Printers have been closed, and are now slowly reopening.