Project Status

What's going on with the printing of Poster X?

Screen printing posters is a labor intensive process, and there are many variables that can impact a project's printing duration and overall schedule. Some variables include print file preparation, screen preparations, the actual printing process, other project delays unrelated to Mad Duck projects that cause timelines to shift. 

We will always do our best to list the current print time estimate when we sell a new poster product. However, due to the aforementioned variables and others, printing times can and will change and are best estimates only. In order to better communicate printing status in an easy format, we have set up this project status page. We will update the page approximately once per week or whenever we have new information!

Here is the current project printing schedule.  Last Updated: 11-06-18


The Third Man by Jack Durieux Fulfilled, In Stock
Blue Velvet by Matt Ryan Tobin Fulfilled, In Stock
"Stay alive baby. Do it for Van Gogh." 8x10  Fulfilled, In Stock
King Of Castle Grayskull by SiMo Sol Fulfilled, In Stock
Ancients by Rob Ayotte Fulfilled, In Stock
Laurel & Hardy The Music Box by New Flesh Artist is printing, Delay in Materials. Estimate to print is by end of month.
Edge Of The Evergreen Forest by Carlos Angeli Order Fulfillment in progress.
Killer Klowns From Outer Space by Timothy Pittides Order Fulfillment in progress.
Palace Invasion by Jérémy Pailler Fulfulled, In Stock
Masters Of The Universe Movie Poster by Earl Norem Fulfulled, In Stock
Beast Man by Carlos Valenzuela Posters in hand. Shipping begins next week.
Teela by Carlos Valenzuela Posters in hand. Shipping begins next week.
He-man She-Ra Secret Of The Sword by Tom Whalen Will begin printing in Late November.
Evil Warriors by Carlos Valenzuela Estimated completion in 2 weeks.
The Killing by Zeb Love Fulfilled, In Stock
Girls Of Grayskull by Tim Seeley Printed. Prints to be mailed to us this week.
Defenders Of Castle Grayskull by Earl Norem Estimated completion in 2 weeks.
Death Wish by Zeb Love Posters in hand. Shipping begins next week.