“'Rope" by Jack Durieux

Mad Duck Posters is excited to announce the next release in our Alfred Hitchcock series, "Rope" by the talented Jack Durieux!

Jack created an incredibly classy poster that really captures the feel of the film. The artist had the following to say about the movie and project:

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"Re-Animator" by Stan & Vince

Happy Halloween from Mad Duck Posters!  Today we are thrilled to release a brand new screen printed poster for the fan favorite 1985 movie "HP Lovecraft's Re-Animator"!

Stan & Vince did an amazing job capturing the spirit of the film in this official poster for the horror classic!   This poster will be released today, on Halloween at 12PM Eastern! The release details are as follows:

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"Vertigo" by Jonathan Burton!

Mad Duck Posters is excited to announce a new poster for Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Vertigo with art by the incredible Jonathan Burton!   

This Wednesday, Mad Duck Posters is releasing the first posters in a new series of officially licensed art based on the amazing films of Alfred Hitchcock!  We start things off with a phenomenal Vertigo poster by Jonathan Burton!  Mr. Burton brilliantly captured the essence of the movie.

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