Masters Of The Universe Movie Poster by Earl Norem! Plus Mad Duck Giveaway Contest!

It's a true pleasure this week to release a limited edition poster for the Masters Of The Universe movie by iconic MOTU artist Earl Norem!

Originally released in 1987, this vintage art captures the movie versions of the MOTU movie characters, and features He-Man battling with Blade as Skeletor looks on. The artwork was painted beautifully by Earl Norem and is a favorite image amongst fans of both the movie and MOTU in general. 

Long sought after by collectors, we are thrilled to bring it to life as a fine art giclee, officially licensed and available in limited quantities!

Bringing this artwork to life was not an easy task. Mattel owns very little of the original art created for the Masters Of The Universe brand. Artwork by legends like Alfredo Alcala, Errol McCarthy, Earl Norem, Rudy Obrero and William George has long since been sold to private collectors or just plain thrown away.

We've had to mostly settle for small digital files online or in a book to enjoy a large amount of this art. Printmakers do not have the luxury of digital files scanned directly from the painting and must instead find the best possible source material.

The question becomes, would you rather buy a smaller version of the image that reproduces it faithfully, or not have it at all. The answer is an easy one for MOTU fans!

Working with the highest quality file we could find, we are happy to be able to offer the image with a full 300dpi scan at both 11X14 and 18X24!

Please note that these pics were taken with a cellphone and do not necessarily use the best lighting, but the details of the image should be crystal clear!

The Masters Of The Universe Movie Poster by Earl Norem is available in two editions:

Regular - 18x24, Fine Art Giclée, Numbered Run of 250, $65 

Lobby Card Variant - 11x14 Fine Art Giclée , Numbered Run of 250, $35

Posters will be available for sale Friday, August 10th at 12PM EST!

Mad Duck Giveaway Time!

We want you to stay up to date with Mad Duck and we want to give you FREE posters!  We are currently running a giveaway contest for 4 Amazing posters!

Blue Velvet Regular by Matt Ryan Tobin!
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, purple variant by Ise Ananphada!
King Of Castle Grayskull regular by SiMo Sol!
How To Train Your Dragon regular by Tom Whalen!

To enter the contest, like our Facebook page,and follow us through our other Social Media outlets!. We are on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as madduckposters

Once you have entered, comment on our Facebook page and list your entries. You get 1 entry for FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, so each person can have up to 4 entries by following.

If you are already following, then simply state that. New or old followers, it doesn't matter. Each one is an entry! Share the post on any of your Social Media and receive a bonus 5th entry!*

The contest ends this Sunday, August 12th at 11:59 PM EST! Winners will be determined randomly, verified, and then announced on Monday! Good luck!

*If you are not a Facebook user, you may still enter by sending an email to us listing your entries. Please post to FB unless you don't use it! Thanks!

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