THREE new Masters Of The Universe Posters are now available!

We have three new licensed Masters Of The Universe posters that are now available to purchase!

First up is the "Ancients" artwork by Rob Ayotte!  Rob has given us a unique view of the "Preternia" era, with King Grayskull, He-Ro, and allies against King Hiss and his evil Snakemen!

There are several fun "hidden" details in this piece for MOTU fans!

The artist had the following to say about his work:

"When Mad Duck first approached me about doing a Masters of the Universe piece depicting the Ancient heroes and villains of Preternia, the first image that popped into my mind was the Snakemen piece created by Earl Norem for the Masters of the Universe magazine in the eighties. Norem has always been a huge influence on me. Although I made a point to not directly reference his work, I was happy to notice my unintentional use of a very similar composition to the Snakemen piece I was initially reminded of.
I knew from the outset that this work had to be epic and beautiful. My intention was that not only die hard fans of MOTU and the 200X era, but anyone who decided to offer any of their precious time would be rewarded. King Hsss's twisted attempt to transform Preternia into the terrifying visage of the Snakemen, thwarted by the small band of Grayskull's warriors and the aid of a certain cosmic watcher, unfolding within a savage landscape. The plesiosaurs fighting over a squid is a shout out to another artist hero of mine, William Stout (responsible for the MOTU movie designs). I hope when people view the Ancients piece they feel the same kind of wonder and awe I feel when I look at some of my favorite Masters of the Universe artworks. "

Next we have two versions of the "Edge Of The Evergreen Forest" with art by Carlos Angeli!

The Evergreen forest borders Castle Grayskull on one side, and this piece depicts a fierce battle taking place in Grayskull's shadow. MossMan and Evilseed take center stage as the two primary Plant based characters in the MOTU mythos.

The Variant edition showcases different versions of five of the seven characters included!

Edition Information

Ancients - 18x24, Fine Art Giclée, Run of 250, $50

Edge Of The Evergreen Forest (Regular) - 24x18, Fine Art Giclée, Run of 250, $50

Edge Of The Evergreen Forest (Variant) - 24x18, Fine Art Giclée, Run of 150, $60

Posters are available now! Buy HERE!

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