Palace Invasion by Jérémy Pailler & Masters Of The Universe Movie Poster by Earl Norem Part 2! 

We have added new licensed MOTU posters to the store and they are available for immediate purchase!

This week we present "Palace Invasion" by artist Jérémy Pailler! The artist has created a beautiful work using traditional media, oil paint on paper!  Skeletor and his Evil Warriors have succeeded with their seige of the Royal Palace, taking the battle all the way to throne room itself! There is a lot of detail in the throne room incursion, and many favorite characters are included in the light of the fire!

Poster Details:

Palace Invasion, 24x18 Fine Art Giclée, Run of 250, $55

Last week we released movie poster versions the Masters Of The Universe movie by iconic MOTU artist Earl Norem! We spent a alot of time and effort finding the best quality source material and cleaning up the file and the final results look great. However we have some exciting news to share this week as another source file was obtained, without any text and of high enough quality to print as large as 22x28!

This week we have made the new file available as art print versions of the image!  It's your choice regarding which copy or copies to purchase! All copies are high quality for their respective sizes, with the art print representing the original painting in glorious detail!

All versions are available for purchase now!  Use code "MDPOWER" to take $5 off the Lobby Card Variant edition with any MOTU purchase of $55 or more!

Here is the complete list of editions for the Masters Of The Universe movie by Earl Norem:

Masters Of The Universe Movie Poster, Movie Text included,Fine Art Giclée, Run of 250, $55

Masters Of The Universe Movie Poster, Art Print Variant(No text as pictured), 18x24, Fine Art Giclée, Run of 200, $65

Masters Of The Universe Movie Poster, Power Variant(Art Print without text as pictured), 22x28 Fine Art Giclée, Run of 175, $125

Masters Of The Universe Movie Poster, Lobby Card Variant(Movie text included), 22x28 Fine Art Giclée, Run of 250, $35

Special thanks to The Power And The Honor Foundation.

Mad Duck Giveaway!

We want to extend big Congratulations to the winners of last week's poster giveaway!

Amy Coulter - King Of Castle Grayskull.
Chrys Ng - How To Train Your Dragon.
Tim Metz - Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
Alberto De Silvestri - Blue Velvet.

Thanks to everyone that entered!


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