Drive Posters by Laurent Durieux!

Regular Edition pictured above


Happy Holidays! We are releasing the final poster in our Feature Drive series and are very excited to reveal it to everyone! We are thrilled to release new Officially Licensed Drive posters by master artist, Laurent Durieux!

Laurent is one of the best artists designing movie posters today, and his stunning artwork for Drive presents a fresh take on the movie with amazing results!

Laurent had a lot to say regarding his approach to this project and his movie posters in general:

"What to do when pretty much everything has already been done or said?It's been 11 years now that the alternative poster scene has to put up with my art, hopefully for their pleasure.Not many people are aware of this, but I have always considered myself a graphic designer rather than an illustrator (I’m a schooled graphic designer).This may be the reason why some people don't always understand the direction my images take. That's because I think as a graphic designer first and as an illustrator second. I find it useless to design a poster without an idea, without some kind of synthesis of the film. I need to hold on to it like a lifeline of sorts, because I truly believe that it's always the idea that makes THE difference at the end of the day. (The last few months have shown us that, with AI, one of the last bulwarks to this technology is the human and therefore the soul and ideas). I always keep in mind that I design alternative cinema posters and for me the word « alternative" is the key word. I find it a waste of time to follow the same paths that communication agencies have already followed to create key arts you see everywhere in the streets and in the movie theatres.

That's not my job. I'm just trying to offer a visual alternative to these very banal and often boring visuals. So to come back to my proposal for Nicolas Winding Refn's masterpiece "Drive", I tried to follow this creative process and come up with an image that hopefully will connect with the viewer.
Variant Edition
Chrome Foil Edition
Poster Details:
  • Regular Edition - 24x36 Screen Print, Run of 350, $85
  • Variant Edition - 24x36 Screen Print, Run of 275, $105
  • Chrome Edition - 24x36 Screen Print on Silver Foil, Run of 200, $155
The Posters go on sale this Wednesday, December 21st  at 12PM ET HERE!
We have one more release in 2022, Citizen Kane by Greg Ruth coming next week!

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