Drive Posters by Gabz!

 Regular Edition

We are thrilled to release new Officially Licensed Drive posters by one of our favorite artists, Gabz / Grzegorz Domaradzki!

Gabz had the following to say about the movie and his art for the poster:

“Drive remains my favorite Nicholas Winding Refn film to date (not just because of the incredible music score) and I was super excited for the opportunity to create a licensed poster for it.

I came up with 3 different color versions: neon-like Regular, sunset inspired English Variant (to be screen printed on Gold Foil!) and last but not least a true treat for all the people who like Japanese lettering like myself - the Samurai Variant with popping red colors and types to be printed with metallic gold ink. Each composition is character heavy with a very limited color palette and a focus on not just the movie’s general mood but also hinting the bloodiness and the thrill of the chase."


Samurai Variant

Sunset Variant on Gold Foil

Poster details:

Regular Edition, 24x36 screen print, Run of 300, $75

Samurai Variant, 24x36 screen print, Metallic Gold Ink, Run of 150, $95

Sunset Variant, 24x36 screen print on Gold Foil, Run of 100, $150

To read a bit more about the Samurai connection with the movie, check out
Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive: Cinema’s Postmodern Samurai

Posters go on sale Wednesday, December 7th at 12PM ET HERE!


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