Citizen Kane Posters by Greg Ruth!

Happy New Year! As we close in on 2023, we are thrilled to announce our new Citizen Kane posters by Greg Ruth as our final release of 2022!

The artist had the following to say about the movie:
“Kane is a bedrock film for me, and remains so no matter how many times I see it. it’s so prescient, and gorgeously modern in the story it tells and so devastatingly gorgeous in the way it uses light and shadow to paint this remarkable portrait of a broken and insanely complex man as Charles Foster Kane.”

There are two versions of the poster available, see the edition details below.

Both posters will have a clear varnish glossing over the title!

Regular Edition (Red), 24X36 Screen Print, Run of 125, $75

Variant Edition (Blue), 24X36 Screen Print, Run of 60, $95

The Posters go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, December 28th  at 12PM ET HERE

Posters are officially licensed.

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