"Dracula" by Godmachine! New poster in our Classic Literature Series!

Mad Duck Posters is excited to present a new poster in our ongoing Classic Literature Series, “Dracula” by "Bram Stoker" with art by the mighty Godmachine! The "Dracula" book has had a huge impact on pop culture, introducing Count Dracula and many of the conventions in the vampire mythos.

“Dracula” is an 18X24, beautiful 7 color, screen print with a regular edition of 125.

There will also be an extra special variant, hand embellished and signed by Godmachine himself!
The variant will have of a run of 75, and each copy will be unique!

The artist will be taking the following approach with the variants:

•    Some variants will have paint splats
•    Some will have small sketches
•    There will be a few extra special ones!
•    All will be signed.

Godmachine has free reign to embellish the variants as he chooses!

The variant is priced at $145, and the unique poster purchased will be chosen randomly for each customer.

Each variant will be unique, hand embellished and signed by Godmachine!

Regular – 18X24, 7 color screen print, hand numbered, Run of 125, $45
Variant - 18X24, 7 color screen print, hand numbered, Run of 75, $145.

Both the regular and variant will go on sale this Wednesday, June 14th at 12PM Eastern! *

*Do not delay if you are interested in this print!  There will be far less copies of the posters online due to the Mad Duck/Godmachine 2017 poster subscription.!

***Keep an eye out, Mad Duck will have another release this Friday for the Masters Of The Universe brand!***

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