Laurel & Hardy "Busy Bodies" and "The Stranger" posters!

Mad Duck Posters is excited to release the first officially licensed Laurel & Hardy screen print poster this week! "Busy Bodies" by Darin Shock is our first poster in a new ongoing Laurel & Hardy series; capturing many of the legendary comedic duo's best films and moments.

"Busy Bodies" was released in 1933, and features the pair in a hilarious story of mishaps during a normal day of work at the sawmill factory. The artist did a fantastic job capturing a classic Laurel & Hardy moment, Oliver Hardy stuck in a bad spot due to one of Stan Laurel's mishaps, complete with iconic expressions for both actors with full likenesses!

There will be two versions of the poster offered. Both are 18X24. The regular is a 6 color screen print and the variant is a special 7 color printed on wood!

In addition to the Laurel & Hardy release, we also are releasing the new poster "The Stranger" by Luke Butland. Inspired by several Western genre films, "The Stranger" features a gunfighter sitting a top a pale horse, riding on the outskirts of town, smoking a cigar, with a whip clearly seen. Who is this man and what does he want? Supernatural force of retribution, or a man obsessed with revenge?

Measuring at 36X24, this poster is available as a 6 color screen print.

Both " Busy Bodies" and "The Stranger" go onsale tomorrow, Friday, May 26th, at 12PM eastern time!

Busy Bodies - Regular - 18X24 screen print, 6 colors. Hand numbered, limited edition of 75. $50

Busy Bodies - Variant - 18X24 screen print, 7 colors on wood. Hand numbered, limited edition of 25. $150

The Stranger - 36X24 screen print, 6 colors, hand numbered, Limited Edition of 75. $55

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