New Licensed Masters Of The Universe Poster From Axel Giménez!

Hey everyone!

Mad Duck Posters is releasing a new licensed Masters Of The Universe poster tomorrow by comic book and He-Man artist, Axel Giménez!  Axel's work in the MOTU universe is very well known, and this is the first of many collaborations in the MOTU space!

Friday's release is entitled "The Power Of Grayskull", and it beautifully captures the "Prince Adam" to "He-Man" transformation sequence that was shown at the beginning of every Filmation He-Man cartoon from the 80's. This iconic scene is complete with Skeletor's menacing visage, transparently placed above the skull and doorway to Castle Grayskull!

I am also happy to announce that Mad Duck's new He-man and the Masters Of the Universe subscription enrollment period will open next Friday, June 23rd!  Look for complete details next week!
Print Details: 24X18, Fine Art Giclee, Hand numbered, Edition of 250, $50

"The Power Of Grayskull" poster will go on sale tomorrow, June 16th at 12PM est!

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