Vintage MOTU Art by Earl Norem! Defenders Of Castle Grayskull!

This week we are releasing new licensed Masters Of The Universe posters for a vintage painting by iconic artist Earl Norem!

The Masters Of The Universe paintings by the great Earl Norem are classic depictions of MOTU at it's finest. Timeless art associated with the history of the brand. Norem brought the characters to life in his work, vivid and iconic illustrations of He-man, Skeletor, and all of the great characters in the MOTU mythos!

The Defenders of Castle Grayskull painting features the following characters (from left to right):

  • Skeletor
  • Snake Face
  • Blade
  • Clamp Champ
  • Ninjor
  • Snout Spout
  • He-Man
  • Rio Blast
  • Battle Cat

Edition Info!

Regular - 12x24, Fine Art Giclée, Run of 250, $55, .75 inch white border
Power Variant - 15x30, Fine Art Giclée, Run of 175, $85, .875 inch white border

Both posters will be available to purchase tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17th at 12PM ET HERE!

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