The Girls Of Grayskull posters by Tim Seeley!

This week we return to the MOTU mythos with brand new posters by Tim Seeley! Tim created two new different versions of the art, both featuring the most popular female characters of Eternia, with a few lesser known characters added as well!

The regular edition pictured above features the following characters:

  • Teela - red hair
  • Sorceress - traditional colors
  • Evil-Lyn - purple colors
  • Hawke
  • Shokoti
  • Ileena
  • Dree Elle - Filmation look
  • Kittrina

The variant version features:

  • Teela - blonde minicomic version
  • Sorceress - Temple Of Darkness minicomic version
  • Evil-Lyn - vintage toy colors
  • Hawke
  • The Goddess
  • Servant Girl of King Hiss
  • Dree Elle - Star comics look
  • Kittrina

Both posters will be available to purchase Wednesday, October 10th at 12PM EST HERE!

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