Tombs Of The Blind Dead Poster by Richard Hilliard!

Tombs Of The Blind dead is a cult classic movie that kick started the Spanish Horror boom of the early 1970s.  Drawing inspiration from the legends of the Templar Knights, the movie features undead knights awakened and hungry for humans!  

We are thrilled to release an incredible new poster by artist Richard Hilliard! The poster will be available with the title in both English and it's original Spanish!

Regular Poster, 24x36 screen print, "Tombs Of The Blind Dead" title, Numbered Run of 75. $65

Variant Poster, 24x36 screen print, "La Noche Del Terror Ciego" title, Numbered Run of 40.  $85

Posters go on sale this Wednesday, January 22nd at 12PM ET, HERE!

The reanimated Templar corpses are blind, because their eyes were pecked out by birds, and they hunt by sound! SCREAM So They Can Find You!!!

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