Cyber Monday Mystery Tube Sale! Save 25% on Posters!

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, and we are offering our second Mad Duck Mystery Tube Sale! There are three different mystery tube price tier options, with the options repeated for Masters Of The Universe prints.

Tubes will not be mixed with MOTU and non MOTU product.

Mystery Posters can be numbered from standard runs, Scratch N' Dents,Printer Proofs, 1/1s, Test Prints, Exclusive Prints, Sold Out, and Archive Product.

We are adding some very special and rare prints to the mix! Lucky customers will receive these posters below, mixed in with the mystery tubes!

Pictured above is a Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Keyline print by Ise Ananphada. The keylines(very rare) were randomly inserted in tubes from the original sale and were never available for purchase.  The purple Vertigo variant by Jonathan Burton is a sold out exclusive that was never offered for public sale. The Citizen Kane is a green and gold foil by Martin Ansin that was a thank you gift for a small group, and never made available for sale.

Fantastic Mystery Tube, $65

  • Each tube contains 3 posters with at least one 24x36 poster

Super Mystery Tube, $100

  • Each tube contains 4 posters with at least two 24x36 posters.

Magical Mystery Tube, $150

  • Each tube contains 6 posters with at least three 24x36 posters

Masters Of The Universe Tubes! A sampling of MOTU product that will be included!



Grayskull Mystery Tube, $65

  • Each tube contains 3 Masters Of The Universe prints. Product can be vintage or new.

Eternia Mystery Tube, $100

  • Each tube contains 4 posters with at least one poster bigger than 18x24!  Product can be vintage or new.

Master of the Universe Mystery Tube, $150

  • Each tube contains 6 MOTU posters with at least two posters bigger than 18x24! Product can be vintage or new.

All Mystery Tubes will be available at 1PM EST tomorrow, December 2nd!

Our Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale ends December 2nd at 11:59PM!  Take up to 25% off posters while you can!

Customers may purchase more than one tube. We will do our best to avoid duplicate prints.

      *MOTU prints will only be available in the Masters themed tubes.

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