The Sorceress Of Castle Grayskull Posters by Mark Alvarado!

It's time for the Sorceress to get her chance to shine!

Coming this week are new licensed Masters Of The Universe posters focusing on the beautiful Sorceress, and characters that tie into her and the mythos of Castle Grayskull!

Mark Alvarado has brought us The Sorceress at her finest, presented as a powerfull character in two stunning new MOTU posters! "Sorceress Of Grayskull" will be available this Wednesday, February 6th at 12PM ET HERE!

The regular poster features the iconic costume of the character as well as villain heavyweights, Skeletor and Hordak.

The variant features the Temple Of Darkness white costume version of the Sorceress as featured in the Temple of Darkness Minicomic! This version also adds He-man and She-Ra!

Posters are officially licensed.






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