Mad Duck is excited to offer new Custom Payment Plans!


Mad Duck is excited to introduce custom payment plans for our customers! We know that collecting art can be expensive, and we want to help out if possible!  Here is how it works.

  • No Interest
  • No Credit Check
  • Only information exchanged is the same as any other site transaction.

We are calling the Posters added to the plan, your “portfolio”.  The custom  portfolio appears on the site as a product. In order to participate customers need to do the following:

  • Purchase the Custom Portfolio Plan and choose how many posters you want to add from the dropdown list.  Options range from 4 to 20 posters. The cost to purchase any plan is just $31.
  • When checking out, simply write the Posters of interest to the Notes section of the checkout process.

 What’s next?

  • We will contact you after building your custom payment plan and make sure you are set up properly.  The cost for any portfolio plan is the total cost of the posters minus $31, and then divided by the total number of months in the plan, which is 12 months by default.  If a customer wants to do less than 12 months, we can accommodate.
  • Every month, customers will be charged their custom monthly price!
  • By default, posters will be held until the end of the sub.  However, if any customer wants to receive posters early, we are more than happy to do a ship on demand at anytime to cover product that has been paid for!


Give it a try, and enjoy what you want to purchase! Click HERE!

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