The Night Of The Hunter Posters by Laurent Durieux!

Regular (pictured above)

Variant (pictured above)

We are excited to release our latest collaboration with Laurent Durieux, new officially licensed posters for the 1955 thriller masterpiece, The Night Of The Hunter!

The posters are available in two primary editions.

Regular - 24x36 Screen Print, Hand Numbered, Run of 300, $75

Variant - 24x36 Screen Print, Hand Numbered, Metallic Ink, Run of 225, $95

There will also be a small run of foils that will be revealed and sold with the drop!

Posters go on sale tomorrow, July 14th at 12PM EST time, HERE!

THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, 1955, Directed by Charles Laughton. Robert Mitchum is astonishing as a wandering sociopathic preacher who uses his fire-and-brimstone fundamentalism to mask his schemes to bilk money from gullible yokels and when that doesn’t work, to blithely rob and murder. Puritanical Shelley Winters, left alone with her son and daughter after husband Peter Graves is sent to jail for robbery, is a perfect target for smooth-talking Mitchum, who has gotten wind of the hidden loot. - Fandango

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