Halloween Season is here! The Raven Posters by Ghoulish Gary Pullin!



Halloween season is here! We have new releases every week for the month of October! Be sure to keep a look out for all of our new Horror product in the coming weeks!

We are excited to kick off the Halloween season with new posters for The Raven by Ghoulish Gary Pullin!

Gary has created amazing posters for the Edgar Allan Poe/Roger Corman/Vincent Price classic! Full details are listed below. Gary had the following to say about the movie and poster:

“The Edgar Allan Poe/Roger Corman films that American International Pictures released have a special place in my beating heart and The Raven is no exception. When Mad Duck asked if I could create a poster that would prominently feature Vincent Price’s character, Magician Dr. Erasmus Craven, I was excited to get started. Price’s co-stars happen to be Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre which makes the movie a triple bill of terror mixed with a lot of comedy. I was happy to include the menacing trio flocking around the film title and I approached the artwork with a hand drawn styje that I love seeing on marketing campaigns and dusty old lobby cards. We hope fellow Vincent Price fans enjoy our new take on a Corman classic."

The Raven is available in two versions.

Regular - 24X36 screen print, Run 125, $65

Variant - 24X36 screen print, Glow In The Dark Inks, Run 85, $85

Posters go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday October 6th at 12PM EST!

Posters are officially licensed by MGM and the Vincent Price Estate.

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