“'Rope" by Jack Durieux

Mad Duck Posters is excited to announce the next release in our Alfred Hitchcock series, "Rope" by the talented Jack Durieux!

Jack created an incredibly classy poster that really captures the feel of the film. The artist had the following to say about the movie and project:

“'Rope" has always been one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies.  It not only features my favorite actor, James Stewart, but I also admire the wit with which Hitchcock mirrors the actual movie title (Rope) with the way the whole movie was shot in an (apparent) one long continuous take, just like one long rope. When I was asked to work on "Rope'" I wanted my poster to emulate that wit as much as I possibly could and also somehow show Brandon Shaw's (Dall) perversion and sadism. I knew I didn’t want to represent any rope nor show David Kentley being strangled which would have been either too literal or too gruesome. So my idea was to represent the macabre and sadistic party by showing a champagne wire hood which would suggest, in a subtle fashion, the crime weapon.”

"Rope" is officially licensed and available in two versions, a standard and variant edition. Both are available at 12pm Eastern time this Friday, the 13th of January!

Standard Edition, 24X36, 9 Color screenprint.  Edition of 225  $65


Variant Edition, 24X36, 9 Color screenprint on Insulation Pink paper.  Edition of 125.  $85

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