Mad Duck Posters Giveaway!

Hey folks. It’s time to do some poster giveaways! We are doing multiple giveaways at Mad Duck, and the rules to enter are simple.
*Giveaway #1 – Re-Animator by Adam Rabalais!  We will be giving away both a regular edition and a variant edition of each poster!
To enter, simply follow me on Twitter and re-tweet my "Giveaway" tweet.   By doing this, you will be entered into the giveaway!
*Giveaway #2 – Dawning Of Justice by Steve Kurth! We will give away both a regular and a variant edition of the poster!
To enter, simply follow me on Instagram and like my latest post.
*Giveaway #3 – The Great Migration by Brendon Flynn!  We will be giving away both a grey and tan version of the print. 
To enter, follow me on Pinterest and repin one of my "Great Migration" pins, or sign up for the newsletter.
Do ALL of the above and you will be entered into a separate drawing to win a matching number set of either the Re-Animator, Dawning Of Justice, or The Great Migration prints! We will be giving away a set of matching numbered prints for all three releases!
We will do the random drawing next Thursday, May the 12th at 9PM Eastern time and announce the winners here!
*Note if you are already following me via the social media outlets above, you will NOT be excluded from this giveaway. Simply do the following.

  • Giveaway #1 – Like and Re-tweet my giveaway post. 

  • Giveaway #2 – Share and Like my giveaway post.

  • Giveaway #3 – Pin “The Great Migration” pin.   Reply to my giveaway newsletter.

Next week, we will be releasing a new officially licensed horror poster!



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