Cyber Monday Mad Duck Mystery Tube Sale!

Tomorrow for Cyber Monday, we are offering our first Mad Duck Mystery Tube Sale! There will be three different mystery tube options to choose from, available at three different prices.

Posters can be Numbered Stock, Scratch N Dents (still framable prints), and PPs. Posters can be chosen from both current and archive product!

Fantastic Mystery Tube, $65

  • Each tube contains 3 posters with at least 1 24x36 poster

Super Mystery Tube, $100

  • Each tube contains 4 posters with at least 2 24x36 posters

Magical Mystery Tube, $150

  • Each tube contains 6 posters with at least 3 24x36 posters with one special variant poster.

There are only 50 Mystery Tubes in TOTAL that will be available!*

Mystery Tubes will be available at 11AM ET tomorrow, November 26th!

    *Limit of 2 tubes per customer. If you order two tubes, we will try to avoid duplicate product but cannot guarantee it.

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