Club MOTU Year 2 - Another Year of Brand New Licensed MOTU Art!

We are excited to announce a second year of the Club MOTU subscription, and we have a tremendous lineup planned! The 2019 sub offers an additional option for those that also like to purchase the variant posters!

Here is the complete lineup for our second year of the sub!

  • Jack Kirby inspired take on MOTU (pictured above). 24x18. Artwork by Tim Seeley & Mark Englert $50
  • TBD. 18x24. Artwork by Simon Eckert $50
  • He-Man vs Despara 24x36 or 36X24. Artwork by Carlos Valenzuela $100
  • The Honor Of Grayskull. 24x18. Artwork by Axel Giménez $50
  • Sorceress focal piece. 18x24. Artwork by Mark Alvarado $50
  • The House Of Shokoti Parts 1&2. 18x24. Artwork by Brendon Flynn. $50
  • Teela's Quest. 18x24. Artwork by Chris Koehler $50
  • Battle in front of Castle Grayskull featuring He-Man & Skeletor. 20x30. Artwork by Tim Seeley. $65
  • Village Battle featuring Heroic &n Evil Warriors. 36x24. Artwork by Gabriel Luque. $100
  • Reign Of The Monster. 18x24. Artwork by Andy Fairhurst, $50
  • Heroic Warriors vs Evil Warriors (Filmation design). 18x24. Artwork by Tim Anderson. $50
  • Evil Warriors Cabal screen print - 24X36. Artwork by Rhys Cooper $65
  • Exclusive Subscriber's Choice Poster - Subject Voted by Subscribers! Poster is exclusive to the sub!

2019 Subscriptions

  • Two primary Options
  • Both options save customers 10-15% off the retail price of posters!
  • Regular Tier.  This option guarantees you a matching number set of the regular edition posters in Club MOTU.
  • Power Tier. This option guarantees a matching number set of not only the regular poster, but the variant poster as well!
  • There will be a subscriber chosen poster that will be exclusive to the sub only!

 *Please note. Not all artwork is FINAL. Here is a sample of what is in store!

 Enroll Now!

Check out our vintage MOTU poster subscription featuring the classic art of Earl Norem HERE!

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