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Lake Mystery - Mad Duck Posters
Lake Mystery - Mad Duck Posters

Lake Mystery

Artist: Earl Norem

Edition: Regular

Run: 200

Size: 11x7.5

Medium: Fine Art Giclée

Status: In Stock

Officially Licensed

Hand numbered, Limited Edition

This painting originally appeared in the MOTU Magazine. The picture featured differences in the reflection of the water compared to what was happening in the art above the water and readers were encouraged to find the differences!

Check out the original magazine two page layout and our print of the painting!

The Masters Of The Universe paintings by the great Earl Norem are classic depictions of MOTU at it's finest. Timeless art associated with the history of the brand. Norem brought the characters to life in his work, vivid and iconic illustrations of He-man, Skeletor, and all of the great characters in the MOTU mythos!

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