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Greetings to all!
Welcome to the very first blog post and newsletter for Mad Duck Posters! Let me start by thanking all of you whom have already subscribed to the newsletter! Please note the social media links at the bottom of this email and make sure that you follow them. Doing this will guarantee that you do not miss out on any Mad Duck news! 
I would like to take a moment to talk about Mad Duck Posters, the inspiration for it, what it is and where it’s going. As a kid growing up, I was obsessed with comic book art. My walls were always covered with comic book posters. Later in life, my walls were covered with theatrical movie poster art in addition to comic posters. With the advent of DVD in the late 90s, my movie collection exploded into the thousands and introduced me to a new world of films that I had previously never seen. Needless to say, when I discovered the world of screen printed alternative movie posters, it was a perfect marriage for many of my interests.
After learning the business of screen printing and giclee printing, I decided it was time for me to start my own company and work on the properties I wanted to do. Generally speaking, you will see a lot of properties coming out of Mad Duck Posters that have not had many or even any poster releases before. Certainly that will not be the case for all that I do, but it is the case for a lot of what I have planned this year.
I will have releases ranging from horror to classic films to modern animation and a little bit of everything else! I will be featuring artists that range from the unknown to the very popular. My focus will be on quality art that is obtainable to those that want to purchase it.
With that being said, I wanted to take a moment to discuss how posters/prints will be sold through Mad Duck Posters. A huge frustration point amongst poster and print art collectors is the inability to purchase a poster or print that you want due to high demand and fast sellouts. This is a very common scenario with many galleries/sellers, and I wanted to try something different to make prints available to those that really want them, while still keeping the poster runs collectible. It is an effort of balancing a fine line.
With Mad Duck Posters, I am going to announce a sale time for the regular edition of a print at least a day before it drops. For one hour only, this regular edition of the poster will be available. After the hour has passed, no more orders will be accepted by the store. A one hour sale window is not the same as a one day timed release or a one week timed release. I expect to keep the runs collectible and still make the poster available to anyone that wants to purchase it during the one hour sale window. 
This drop strategy only applies with regular poster releases. The variants will drop at a random time with a limited edition number set before the drop. I hope the diversity with this plan appeals to most if not all collectors and offers a little bit of the best of both worlds and basically guarantees you a copy of the regular if you are prepared to purchase during the one hour drop window.
In addition to art prints/posters, I will also be selling a wide variety of merchandise. Be sure to browse the site, Mad Duck Posters merchandise is available now, with licensed merchandise to be sold later.
Mad Duck Posters is the definition of a passion project, and I hope everyone enjoys what is in store for this year, and years to come!
Stay tuned, folks. The first release is Wednesday, March 9th and I will be announcing the details shortly!
I can’t wait to unveil the projects planned as we move forward!
Mad Duck Posters www.madduckposters.com is now live!  
Welcome to all, kick back and stay awhile!  
Clutch Alexander

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