"Touch Of Evil" Posters by Mike Saputo!

"Listen, I got a position in this town, a reputation...somebody's gonna be ruined."  - Police Captain Hank Quinlan

"Touch Of Evil" is a 1958 movie masterpiece directed by and starring Orson Welles. The movie is based on the book "Badge Of Evil" by Whit Masterson and tells the story of kidnapping, murder and corruption in a Mexican border town. It is a must see movie, and we are thrilled to release new licensed screen printed posters this week!

The posters are available in three versions:

Regular(red) - 36x24 screen print, Run of 175, $65
Immoral Variant (yellow) - 36x24 screen print, Run of 60, $85
Metallic Variant (black&white) - 36x24 screen print, Run of 60, $85

"Touch Of Evil" by Mike Saputo will be available for purchase this Wednesday, March 21st at 12PM EST HERE!

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