The Silence Of The Lambs Posters by Greg Ruth!

Tomorrow we are thrilled to kick off our 2021 releases with new posters for The Silence Of The Lambs by Greg Ruth!  Greg brought his incredible talent to the property and created an amazing set of posters focusing on Clarice Starling!

The artist had the following to say about the poster:

"Silence of the Lambs was always a tricky one I avoided these last few years for being both almost over obvious in its temptation to focus on Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal, or that so many have made excellent alt posters for it already. Having the opportunity to use Jodie’s likeness and keep it focused on Clarice was the game changer. To me this film was always about her- rather than anyone else. It’s her evolution, her becoming that the film is about as a parallel alongside Buffalo Bill’s. The moth is a symbol speaking to Clarice, whether she knows it or not. Bill then is a more incidental dragon she has to slay in order to complete her warrior’s evolution, with the aid of the captured dragon in Hannibal. It’s why the film ends with her graduation. But this moment in Bill’s lair, on his turf deep in the cave of his depravity, at this particular moment where she turns and fires... that volcanic scene was what I wanted to focus on. This is the last thing the villain ever saw. It seemed a perfect place to land, and perch and watch."

Poster Details:

Regular (red) - 24x36 screen print, Run of 225, $65

Night Vision Variant - 24x36 screen print, Run of 125, $85

The poster is available in both a regular and special night vision variant!  Both posters will go on sale Tuesday, January 19th at 12PM ET!

Posters are officially licensed by MGM and Jodie Foster.

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