The Pit And The Pendulum Posters by Kevin Tong!


We are thrilled to release the next poster in our feature Vincent Price series, The Pit And The Pendulum by Kevin Tong!


The Pit And The Pendulum stands out as one of the greatest movies in Price's illustrious career.  The artist had the following to say about the movie and poster inspiration:


"1961's "The Pit And The Pendulum" is a masterful film that is a once in a generation crossroads of talent in horror with Roger Corman directing Vincent Price in the film adaptation of an Edgar Allan Poe story of the same name. Like many low budget classic horror films, it uses creative ways to affect terror and in doing so, leaves a longer lasting mark in the minds of viewers.


Rewatching it recently to do this poster, my biggest takeaways were how much texture, shadows, and space were key players in delivering the aforementioned terror. Also, I love the opening credit scene. This is actually quite a colorful horror film. I wanted to instill all of that in this poster, using more drawing to create texture and using more darker and muted colors than I usually do to make the bright colors more eerie. the part I enjoyed drawing the most was the water."


The poster is available in the following editions. All versions are 24x36 screen prints.


Regular(with metallic inks): 150, $65

Variant(with metallic inks): 85, $85

There will also be Holo Foil variants of both colorways in small editions of just 15 for each colorway at $150.

The posters will be available tomorrow, July 29th at 12PM ET!


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