The Last Man On Earth Posters by Elvisdead!

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We return to our signature Vincent Price series this week with a haunting new take on The Last Man On Earth by Elvisdead!

The first film adaptation of the classic book "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson features a stunning performance by the great Vincent Price.

The artist had the following to say about the movie and poster inspiration:

"This movie adaptation of "I Am Legend" is without a doubt the best one made to date.The remakes have done absolutely nothing to add to this gem.

The problematic situation of man's relationship with his environment resonates even more today (ie"The Road" by John Hillcoat).The film is many things, one of which is a personal drama of a man who lost his wife and daughter. 

I was traumatised by the scene in which Price's Dr. Robert Morgan has to kill his wife who has come back from the dead; the tension and ambiguity in his eyes before he does it.

The challenge for me was to reproduce this scene with Vincent Price's particularly powerful acting and bring it all together in one image.I hope you enjoy the details!

Thanks to Mad Duck Posters for giving me the opportunity to work on this gem"


Variant Edition Poster

Posters details:

Regular, 36X24 screen print on Sirio Ultra Black Paper, Run 125, $70

Variant, 36X24 screen print on Sirio Ultra Black Paper, Run 55, $90

Posters go on sale September 28th at 2PM ET HERE!

Posters are officially licensed.

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