The Guyver Posters by Richard Hilliard!

This week we are releasing new licensed posters for the 1991 cult classic, The Guyver!  The science fiction movie was made in conjunction with Shochiku Films and was based on the Japanese manga series of the same name by Yoshiki Takaya.  The movie is full of great alien monsters and showcases The Guyver as a superhero character! 

We are offering amazing new posters this week by Richard Hilliard!  The artist captures The Guyver vs the evil Fulton Balcus in their epic final battle and also features the Zoanoids!

We are offering two versions of the poster and both include metallic ink for The Guyver armor! Posters go on sale  this Wednesday, July 17th at 12PM ET!  Make sure to shop the drop for a few surprises!





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