The Bloodline Trilogy posters by artist Mattias Fahlberg!

This week we are happy to present a very unique release for Masters Of The Universe fans! 

"The Bloodline Trilogy" is a series of books written by Matthew C. Kayser set in the Masters Of The Universe mythos.  The books entitled "The Keldor Chronicles", "Legacies", and "The Power Of Grayskull" tell origin stories for Skeletor, He-Man and She-Ra, amongst many other huge events that I will not spoil here!

The cover art for each book was beautifully painted by artist Mattias Fahlberg! We are pleased to the stunning cover art as limited edition posters!

The posters will not contain any of the cover text and are pictured below!

All three book covers are available as limited edition, 18x24, Fine Art Giclées. Each poster is numbered out of an edition of 250 and cost $55 each.

A matching numbered set is also offered for $150!

Posters are officially licensed.

More details about the books...

The Keldor Chronicles plot summary:

When Randor, the aging former king of Eternia, discovers a journal that tells the tales of his long-lost brother Keldor, he learns not only the fate of his sibling, but sets in motion events far beyond his control.  What happened to Keldor and how is the villainous Skeletor involved? Through a series of vignettes, "The Keldor Chronicles" reveals these mysteries along with the origins of both He-Man (Adam) and Skeletor, as well as several of their respective allies.  (219 pages, PG-13)

The Legacies plot summary:

The second book tells the story of Adora, Adam's twin sister who was stolen as an infant by Skeletor's old master Hordak and taken to the planet Etheria. Twisted to evil by Hordak, Adora became Despara, the Force Captain of the Horde army, but she knows in her heart that there is more to her origin.  In "Legacies," Adora rediscovers her birth family and must learn, through much tribulation and danger, what it is to be her true self.  Meanwhile, Adam undertakes the high-stakes rescue of an important person missing since He-Man's climactic final battle with Skeletor.  To succeed, Adam will have to find all new allies, including one he never would have expected.  In a twist of fate, each sibling's journey ultimately intersects with the other, leading to an epic showdown in the Horde's Fright Zone.  "Legacies" is a new, original story that shows the power of family ties, love, and redemption that are at the heart of the "Masters of the Universe" property. (242 pages, PG-13)

The Power of Grayskull plot summary:

The reappearance of the fabled Three Towers heralds the end of an age!  Adam and Adora must join forces to save the future of their universe, but can only do so by traveling to its distant past.  While on a secret mission for the goddess Zoar that even they do not fully understand, the twins meet their ancestor D'Vann Grayskull face-to-face, but how different is the man himself from the future King of Eternia spoken of in myth and legend?  Meanwhile, back in the twins' present, their home planet is invaded by the Horde army as Hordak prepares for his ultimate victory. With Adam and Adora missing, will Teela and the Masters be able to survive the onslaught long enough for their heroes to return?  "The Power of Grayskull" brings the trilogy to a close in dramatic fashion with the most action--and the highest stakes--of the entire series. (439 pages, PG-13)

Posters will be available to purchase this Wednesday, November 7th at 12PM ET HERE!

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