Skeletor, Evil Lord Of Destruction posters by Luke Preece!

This Friday we are releasing new licensed Masters Of The Universe posters featuring one of the most iconic villains of the 80s and beyond, Skeletor! 

The art depicts a scene in which Skeletor sits on his throne in Snake Mountain, in a confident and relaxed pose. The Evil Warriors have just returned from a brazen attack on the Royal Palace*. During the melee, Queen Marlena was abducted, and dropped before Skeletor as if a prize. Queen Marlena is now a prisoner in Snake Mountain, and the reason she was taken is not yet known.  Skeletor looks pleased, as if his plan had come to fruition. 

We are thrilled to present "Lord Of Destruction" by artist Luke Preece, available in two different versions!

There are many color differences between the regular and variant versions, but the most prominent difference is that the regular features Evil-Lyn, while the variant showcases the wicked sorceress Shokoti. 

For those that are less familiar with Shokoti, she is a wicked sorceress from the dark hemisphere of Eternia. She made her debut in the Filmation cartoon series two part episode arc called "The House Of Shokoti".  In these episodes she was imprisoned in an old pyramind beneath desert sands before being freed. She is depicted as an ancient force of evil.

Since then she has become a fan favorite character and there are many theories about who she is and what she has done.  She is a Gar, which is the same race as Skeletor with the blue skin and one of the only Gars to be shown besides Skeletor in the early cartoons and media.  

In this variant artwork, we hint at a relationship between the two characters, but the nature of the relationship is not known. I am a fan of the narrative that Shokoti is Skeletor's (or Keldor as he was first known) biological mother. It works within the mythos quite well. Perhaps she seduced King Miro in another form? 

We know that King Randor and Skeletor (Keldor) are half brothers that share the same father, King Miro. Could Shokoti really be the mother of Skeletor?

Both posters go on sale this Friday, June 1st at 12PM Eastern time!

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