New Vincent Price Poster Series is coming!


Vincent Price is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and beloved horror movie actors of all time. Any fan of classic horror movies knows the name Vincent Price as synonymous with bringing elegance, charm, and talent to his many roles. Throughout his 60+ year movie career, he appeared in countless classic horror movies, as well as classic films outside the horror genre. Vincent Price established himself as one of the most popular actors ever, beloved among both his peers and his fans!

We are huge fans of the work of Vincent Price, and are excited to announce our newest licensed poster series, the Vincent Price Collection!  Over the next year and a half, we will be doing 7 new posters for movies starring Vincent Price! 

Movies are officially licensed through MGM and the Vincent Price Estate! Check out the titles below (original posters shown)!





Many of Price's best movies are in this collection, with 5 of his amazing movies adapted from Edgar Alan Poe stories!

There are two ways to purchase these! We will be selling the posters as a subscription and through retail poster drops on the site! 

The subscription is called Club Macabre, and it will feature all 7 posters over an 18 month period which puts the release cadence at every two months or so with some buffer.  All posters will be 24x36 or 36x24 screen prints! The sub will not only guarantee posters, it  will offer the incredible benefit of a subscriber exclusive poster with the movie choice decided by subscriber vote! The poster will not be an exclusive colorway variant of another poster, but an exclusive new art poster that will only be available through the sub! 

This Wednesday, September 26th, we will reveal the entire artist lineup and the movie they will be doing! Most importantly of all, we will open the enrollment period for the subscription at the same time! Look for the full Club Macabre subscription details and open enrollment at 11AM ET HERE!



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