NEW The Silence Of The Lambs Posters by Paul Mann!

Regular Poster pictured above.

"To enter the mind of a killer she must challenge the mind of a madman" - Original Tagline

We had a lot of fun working on The Silence Of The Lambs property, one of our all time favorite movies. It was an honor to work with Jodie Foster and many talented artists to create an amazing collection of posters for the property. A big thanks to Laurent Durieux, Greg Ruth, Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos, Rhys Cooper and Paul Mann for their amazing artwork! We have one last project to release in our Feature The Silence Of The Lambs Collection...

Late last year we worked with Paul Mann on our first collaboration with him for The Silence Of The Lambs. The artwork is stunning and made for an incredible poster! We had a second idea that both of us wanted to pursue that was very different than the first; a scene based poster. The scene that is featured is a pivotal scene in the movie, and iconic. It is the only scene in the movie in which Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster actually appear in the same frame! The artist created an amazing poster that is uniquely different from the first project!

This is a special project to end our series, and we are including Paul's Death's Head Moth as a vinyl sticker with every order!


Gold Foil

Art Print

Full edition details:

Regular - 36x24 Screen Print with Varnish over the glass, Run 250, $75

Variant - 36x24 Screen Print On Metallic Paper with Varnish over the glass, Run 150, $95

Gold Foil - 36x24 Screen Print On Gold Foil, Run 55, $150

Art Print - 24x16 Fine Art Giclée of the Original Painting, Run 91, $85

Paul's Death's Head Moth vinyl sticker will be included FREE with every order! The stickers measure 5.5 x 3 inches!

Posters go on sale Thursday, March 9th at 12PM EST HERE!

Posters are officially licensed by MGM and Jodie Foster.

Limit of one sticker per person.

**Text, Color Separations, and Design Elements by Saniose

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