New MOTU poster featuring Teela & She-Ra vs The Horde by Eamon O'Donoghue!


We return this week to the Masters Of The Universe mythos with a brand new poster by the talented Eamon O'Donoghue!  

"Swords of Honor" features Teela and She-Ra standing together in battle against the evil Horde!

The regular version of the poster features Teela with red hair while the variant version shows Teela with blonde hair, based on her early minicomic appearances from the vintage 80s toy line!

Teela's  red hair and tiara have become her iconic look. The red hair is the most prominent look for Teela, and both the 80s Filmation cartoon and Mattel toy line use red hair for the character.

However, her original appearances in the classic minicomics that came with the vintage Mattel action figures first showed Teela as a blonde, and that is the look we have captured in the variant!

Teela was not the only change. Also take a look at Grizzlor. There are two versions of Grizzlor represented in the prints as well. The regular features the more well known vintage toy look with the brown face, while the variant gives a nod to a rare toy version with a darker colored face.

Both posters are 18x24 Fine Art Giclees and will be available to purchase this Wednesday, April 4th at 12PM EST HERE!

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