Mad Duck Masters Of The Universe week kicks off today with our full Earl Norem Collection!

Welcome to our Masters Of The Universe week at Mad Duck! Today begins 5 Days straight of new MOTU posters!  Each day will feature anywhere from 5 to 15 new releases!  We have not one, not two, but four feature artist collections to roll out! 

As if that is not enough, we will also release a variety of new artwork and vintage artwork in addition to the collections, building up to a very special release on Friday to cap off our dedicated week of MOTU!  All of our MOTU product is available for a limited time only!

We kick off the week with our full Earl Norem collection!  Some of the most iconic MOTU imagery of all time was created by Norem, and his painting are nothing short of spectacular!

Now is your chance to grab all of the Norem pieces, but don't delay!  The art is not only  limited editions, but in this case it is only available for a very limited window!  

Please note that our no interest payment plans are available for any MOTU purchases this week! If you grab 4 or more posters, we will also take an additional 10% off the order!

The Norem poster called "Eternia" is only available to Club MOTU Vintage subscribers and those buying a 12 poster Earl Norem set!

Shop the Norem collection now, and be sure to check back every day this week!  There is so much that you will not want to miss! 

If you would like to take advantage of our payment plans, simply purchase the $31 payment plan option, and we will set up a custom plan for you!


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