House On Haunted Hill Posters by Aaron Lea!

We are excited to release the next poster in our feature Vincent Price series,House on Haunted Hill by Aaron Lea!  Aaron has created beautiful artwork for the William Castle/Vincent Price classic!
  • The artist had the following to say about his inspiration for the art:
"It was important to give a nod to William Castle and his use of cinematic gimmicks and marketing. Emergo, whose logo is included on the poster's billing block, gave 1959 movie-goers the experience of a 12 foot tall glowing skeleton flying over their seats. Also, the title treatment features a hanging victim that serves as a call-back to the original 1959 theatrical one sheet"


The artwork includes a number of notable Easter Eggs hidden in the money in the poster!

The bills on on the poster contain:

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis seal is used on the bill — Vincent Price is from St. Louis, MO.
  • The Treasurer of the United States signature belongs to Vincent Price.
  • The series year on the bills, 1959, is when House on Haunted Hill was released.
  • The serial number, VP05271911, is Vincent Price's initials and date of birth, May 27, 1911.

There are two versions of the poster for sale.

Regular - 24x36 screen print, Run of 125, $65

Variant - 24x36 screen print with Glow In The Dark Inks, Run of 65, $85

The posters will go onsale tomorrow, Friday May 1st at 12PM ET HERE!


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