He-Man & She-Ra Transformation Posters by Axel Giménez!

One of our very first Masters Of The Universe releases was "The Power Of Grayskull" by Axel Giménez. This week we are revisiting the iconic transformation sequence with new posters for both He-Man and She-Ra with art by Axel!

We have added "The Honor Of Grayskull" to showcase the She-Ra transformation, but that is not all!  Here are our variations:

  • The Power Of Grayskull (He-Man transformation, already released).
  • The Honor Of Grayskull (She-Ra transformation)
  • Transforming Princess Adora
  • Transforming Prince Adam with gray sword
  • Transforming Prince Adam with purple sword (came with the vintage 80s toy)
  • Transforming Prince Adam in Blue (Minicomic look)

All posters are $50 each, with runs of 250.  Also as a special bonus, we are selling the entire set for a discounted price.  We will offer the set with "The Power Of Grayskull" and without, since this product has already been released.

  • Set of all 6 ($250)
  • Set of 5 (excluding the previously released "the Power Of Grayskull" ) ($220)

The posters will be available to purchase this Friday, May 31st at 12PM ET HERE!

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