Celebrate the 30th anniversay of The Silence Of The Lambs with new posters from Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos and Rhys Cooper!

The Silence Of The Lambs is a brilliant thriller that teeters between a psychological study, crime-drama, and horror film. The movie features stellar performances by Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, and Ted Levine.

We are thrilled to celebrate the 30th anniversay of this amazing movie with spectacular new releases from Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos and Rhys Cooper!

Both artists have created stunning posters with very different takes on the classic movie!

The Silence Of The Lambs by Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos

Regular, 24x36 Screen Print, Metallic Ink, Run of 250, $75

Variant, 24x36 Screen Print, Metallic Ink, Run of 200, $95

Juan had the following to say:

"A couple years ago Mad Duck asked me to do a poster for the 30th Anniversary of The Silence of the Lambs. I love the movie and Anthony Hopkins has been one of my favorite actors since I watched it for the first time, so it was pretty exciting to me.

I wanted Hannibal to be the main focus of the art of course, but I also wanted to include other characters as it's a movie with an awesome cast. I always try to include portraits of characters insted of just portraits of actors, because I think that you can totally evoque a movie with a gesture or a pose better than a good likeness.

I tried to be elegant with the composition because I think the movie is elegant. We have a rhomboid shape behind the main characters (a reference to the shapes of sewing patterns that Buffalo Bill rips from the skin of its victims) and inside it I painted one of Hannibal's drawings of Florence. The scene of the dead police complete the rhomboid shape with it's light. And below the title you can see the hole and the dog. Other characters are included as support of each of the main ones. Buffalo below Lecter and Crawford below Clarice. And finally we have the lines of the drawing that Hannibal did of Clarice with the lamb in her arms over her.

The Variant version represents the end of the movie with Hannibal in the white outfit and the bloody appearance. I've also changed the background to match the new version of the character. I hope you all like it!"

There will also be a very low run foils of the regular design on gold foil and the variant design on red foil!

The Silence Of The Lambs by Rhys Cooper

Regular, 18x36 Screen Print, Metallic Ink, Run of 112, $65

Variant, 18x36 Screen Print on Foil, Run of 79, $85

Regular Colorway on Foil, 18x36 screen print, Run of 35, $95

Split Fountain Glow In The Dark Variant, 18x36 screen print on Foil, Run of 50, $90

Rhys had the following to say about his design:

"So much great Silence of the Lambs artwork rightly focuses on the characters Clarice and of course Hannibal Lecter

however I wanted create a piece focusing on Buffalo Bill as he represents the idea of change and evolution common in Thomas Harris’ Lecter series, a killer becoming one's true self.

The tale captures this so perfectly in the metaphor of the Death’s Head Hawkmoth. Bill ‘cocoons’ himself in his flamboyant robes and his desire to wear the skins of others while he transforms into a reaper and harvester of life."

Posters go on sale Wednesday, October 20th at 12PM EST HERE!

Posters are officially licensed by MGM and Jodie Foster.

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