Candyman Posters by Richard Hilliard!

Happy Halloween!  Today we are releasing new posters for Candyman by Richard Hilliard!

The posters are available in two versions. A regular on pearlescent white paper and a special mirror variant on Foil! 

The artist had the following to say about the poster:

"CANDYMAN stands as the best supernatural horror film of the 1990's as far as I'm concerned. The story, cast, music, and direction are impeccable, with a deft melding of urban drama and a true gothic horror. With one word, Tony Todd became a horror icon for all time, as "HEL-EN" echos through a parking garage, signaling that a demon can function quite effectively amid the concrete, glass, and urban decay. I saw this film in NYC during its original theatrical release, with a very, very vocal crowd. I've never heard an audience scream as loudly in a theater!"

Here are the poster details:

Regular, 24x36 screen print on pearlescent white paper, Run of 75, $65.
Variant, 24x36 screen print on silver foil, Run of 50, $85.

Posters are available now!

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