Blue Velvet posters by Matt Ryan Tobin!

Regular Edition Poster

"I believe there are opportunities in life for gaining knowledge and experience, but sometimes that means taking a risk." Jeffrey Beaumont (played by Kyle MacLachlan)

Blue Velvet is a beloved cult classic movie directed by David Lynch from 1986. The film takes viewers on a wild ride full of intense characters, raw emotion and a darkness lurking just below the surface of the white picket fence small town America!

We are thrilled to present new licensed posters for the movie by Matt Ryan Tobin!

Matt had the following thoughts about the project and the approach to the material:

"I completely immersed myself in this film while working on this piece. It played on loop for days in my studio.
I listened to Blue Velvet, the song, countless times; it already being a song I love.
I really wanted to capture the beauty as well as the sadness of this film, but have a slight nuance of fear.
Jeffery peering through Dorothy's dress is meant to represent his first glimpse into her life but also he ultimately exposes her heart on a deep level,
in a way setting her love free. Free of Frank's violent prison hold. 
The shape of the parting curtains are akin to that of a knife's blade, representing the danger and violent world Jeffrey is unknowingly about to walk into."

To accompany the Blue Velvet 24x36 screen prints, we also are selling a 8x10 companion screen print. The companion print is a beautiful rendition of a blue rose, complete with the rotting ear, symbolic of the darkness beneath the surface and behind the picket fences!


"Stay alive baby. Do it for Van Gogh." 8x10 screen print

The artist also adds:

"Blue Velvet is beautiful and violent. That juxtaposition always makes for thought-provoking imagery.
Creating a visual that balances both of those contrasting elements is the most fun to work on. I feel this is really common throughout all of David Lynch's works.
I really wanted to capture the themes of love, fear and most importantly, heartbreak. Hopefully striking just the right nerve in the same way that so many of Lynch's films do."

Velvet Variant

Silver Foil Variant

Poster Edition Details:

    • Regular Edition, 24x36 screen print, Run of 150, $65
    • Velvet Variant, 24x36 screen print, Printed on Curious Cosmic Blue Planet 133 lb paper with a satin velvety feel and sheen, Run of 75, $95
    • Silver Foil Variant, 24x36 screen print, Run of 75, $85.
    • "Stay alive baby. Do it for Van Gogh." 8x10 screen print, Run of 200, $30

The posters will be available to purchase, tomorrow, Wednesday June 13th at 12PM EST HERE!  All orders will include Matt's blue ear sticker, complete with crawling ants!

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