Ambush In The Mountains Of Doom! New MOTU art by Mike Hoffman!

Today we are excited to reveal "Ambush In The Mountains Of Doom", by painter Mike Hoffman! This is truly a beautiful work and I encourage everyone to look over the details carefully!  Mike painted this physically on canvas, using traditional mediums and scanned it digitally for our limited edition fine art prints!

A few notes about this piece;

  • Mike created this piece inspired by Frank Frazetta, Alfredo Alcala and Earl Norem
  • The Mountains Of Doom exist, in a few MOTU mediums including the Filmation cartoon and UK comic magazines.
  • In the scene, He-man is arriving to rescue villagers that were taken by Panther Men, controlled by Beastman
  • The Panther Men come from the 80s golden books, and were susceptible to Beastman's control in their first appearance.
  • Skeletor leads this party, and the intentions of the evil warriors are ultimately unknown, but He-man has arrived to save the villagers and stop the Evil Warriors!

Art is an 18X24 Fine Art Giclee to perfectly capture Mike's painted art!  It is available in a limited edition of 250, and costs $55.

Grab your copy today!

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