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Xul1349 - Mad Duck Posters - 1
Xul1349 - Mad Duck Posters - 2
Xul1349 - Mad Duck Posters - 3
Xul1349 - Mad Duck Posters - 4


Xul1349 was never born; he just woke up.  Surrounded by the darkness of a meaningless life, wrapped in veil of indifference and  mediocrity,  Xul1349 quickly understood that there is only one thing to be done in order to avoid being thrown into the cold cage of oblivion. His passion for art drove him to  become the creative force he is today.

He found in the merchandise design scene the perfect environement to grow as an artist, improve his skills and define the belief system that constitute the essence of his work. It was a long journey but being around masters of this craft like Godmachine, Joshua Andrew Belanger, Dan Mumford and many more helped Xul1349 to find his own path while keeping a rigorous ethic code that earned the respect of his clients and of the fellow artists.

In the last 10 years he has had the chance to work with more than 50 clients, in a constant effort to offer the best client-artist experience no matter the level of fame or success. He is proud to say that he has never had an unsatisfied customer has become friends with most of them, keeping in touch over the years. 

Xul1349 is the designer of the official Mad Duck Posters logo!

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