Portfolio Plan  - RK

Portfolio Plan - RK

1) Abbot and Costello meets Frankenstein
2) The Exorcist- RH
3) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
4) Casper the Friendly Ghost- Vintage Variant
5) Here Comes Peter Cottontail- Regular
6) Re-Animator Frankenstein Homage- Vintage Variant
7) Santa Claus is Coming to Town- Regular
8) A Christmas Carol- Spirits of Winter Variant
9) Monster Squad- Foil Variant
10) Re-Animator- Regular
11) H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator
12) Black Sabbath- Regular
13) Tombs of the Blind Dead- Regular
14) Bride of Re-Animator-Regular
15) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- Regular
16) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- Variant

12 month plan

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