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The Keldor Chronicles - Mad Duck Posters

The Keldor Chronicles

Artist: Mattias Fahlberg

Edition: Single

Run: 250

Size: 18x24

Medium: Fine Art Giclée

Status: Pre-Order, Poster is scheduled to print in 3 weeks.*

Officially Licensed

Hand numbered, Limited Edition

When Randor, the aging former king of Eternia, discovers a journal that tells the tales of his long-lost brother Keldor, he learns not only the fate of his sibling, but sets in motion events far beyond his control.  What happened to Keldor and how is the villainous Skeletor involved? Through a series of vignettes, "The Keldor Chronicles" reveals these mysteries along with the origins of both He-Man (Adam) and Skeletor, as well as several of their respective allies.  

The fan book featuring this cover art written by Matthew Kayser is available for free download HERE!

    *This is a limited edition poster. The print time varies wand the time provided is a best estimate only based on the current print queue at the printer and estimated print time of the project. The actual print time can be sooner or later. Please check the Project Status page to keep track of how the printing timeline is progressing.
    ** Please note that all sales are final**
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